【 EaseSales 】O2O Sales Ecosystem Introduction

Release time:2018-09-11 14:51:00

EaseSales (ACG member) has served over 6,000 international and local brands in industries of Jewellery, Apparel, Beauty, Furniture, Travel, Property, Banking and catering. We support retailers to quickly create responsive online stores, native mobile app and POS which can seamlessly integrate physical stores with online business in a few hours.

Developed 99% in-house, EaseSales provides the 6-in-1 O2O Sales Ecosystem to best suit your business needs. You can customize your responsive online store and native mobile app layout design integrated with functional module plugin: social media sites, blog, instant messaging, chatbot, livechat, eForm and social interactive CRM system. We seamlessly integrate O2O sales ecosystem and powerful features including built-in big data analytics, digital marketing automation, AI logistic system, promotion packages and business analytic tools, to boost sales and expand your business globally!