TVB“Innovation GPS”interview on ACG Smart Vending Machine

Release time:2019-05-23 14:15:00

ACG - Able Communications Group is very honored to be interviewed in TVB programme “Innovation GPS” (創科導航) on the highlights of Smart Vending Machine with Chatbot, Eye-tracking, Digital Signage & AI Logistics Solutions. 

Intelligent shopping experience
Register as member→ AI Chatbot can recommend what you may like → Eye tracking for commodity preferences→ Big Data Analytics (Gender, Age, Preferences)→ Predict consumer buying behavior to accelerate marketing strategy

▼Ready to launch new products? ▼
By using our Smart Vending Machine, merchants who are ready to launch any new products can interact with consumers through chatting and recommendations. By tracking the data of facial expressions and eye towards product motion, merchants can decide the concrete amount of supply. Our simple but fully equipped vending machine will not take up a lot of space, which help you to complete order and arrange for delivery, very suitable for all SMEs.