【Transforming Logistics with Artificial Intelligence】

2019-01-18 17:52:47

EaseSales provides flexible and reliable logistics services with SF Express, Kerry Logistics and Hong Kong Post. Our platform supports "Automatic shipping and pickup functions" which merchant can enjoy hassle free service simply press the "Shipping" button and it will automatically connect to the logistics providers to proceed with the shipment, enhancing efficiency and reduce labor costs. Customers can use 24 hours self-pickup service at smart locker to save time.

We believe that the future of logistics focus not only save time and money but on the intelligent on-time delivery to fulfill the needs of customization.

This year, we are glad to introduce an innovative solutions to our customers, with an artificial intelligence (AI) system to find the shortest route and optimize delivery arrangement, making for a flexible and faster delivery experience. We are working with YTO Express and Yamato Logistics (HK) to provide an even more comprehensive service - one-stop cold chain delivery services, stay tuned for more details.